timdug.com - Tim Duggan

All of the work you see on my portfolio has been designed, coded/developed by my team and I.

I’m a technology solutions specialist working more and more around business design and strategy. I have been working for 12 years in media-tech, web, mobile and software. This work has exposed me to several industries – Finance, Oil and Gas, Higher Education and Media & Advertising.

I love building and working with tech development/ design teams. Matching complex problems with intelligent solutions.

Most recently working with Digitary, a startup solving the problem of paper based academic credentials and fraud in the higher education industry. We are changing the way the world uses degrees, transcripts and other such documents. I am also on the board of Skynet Labs where they make calculation solutions for the Oil & Gas exploration industry. I 2014 I helped to setup and manage a startup accelerator fund in Lebanon ‘Speed Lebanon‘ in 2014 to invest in middle eastern technology startup companies. To date they have invested in 20 companies.

Over the last 12 years I have worked under different titles ranging from manager to CEO to Investor.

I have started 3 companies, sold out of one, closed 1 and am on the board of 1. My deep experience is in matching complex business problems with intelligent software and business solutions and managing the design, development and deployment of these solutions.


My business philosophy is based on the 3 P’s. People, Product, Process.

When I am not consulting, I actively intra-day trade in the futures markets on The Chicago Board of Exchange CBE.
I love running, swimming in the Irish sea, skiing, ski touring, mountain running/biking, cycling, hiking, horse riding, fly fishing, Art, theatre and cooking when I can.

Software I use daily/ weekly/ monthly – Mac & PC platforms, Adobe CS Suite, illustrator, Photoshop, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Final Cut Pro, Redmine, Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail, Zoho Campaigns, WordPress, Edgewonk and  CQG Trader.

I have experience in managing teams and technologies front to back utilising AWS, Rackspace, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, WITSML, Groovy on Grails, play framework, Server side Java, JQuery, MVC. Protocols experience with TC/IP, UDP, HTTP.
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