• Client - Siemens
  • Date Completed - 2012 - 2013
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With SPCanywhere, users can monitor multiple SPC installations via an attractive and intuitive graphical user interface. SPCanywhere provides an overview of the system area status, as well as the status of all the zones and door controls. For each installation, users can select a map view, which provides an instant overview with icons that clearly show positioning of the detectors and verification cameras. Tapping on an icon allows the user to control doors, areas and zones, or to display real time images live on the iPhone or iPad.

After I developed the HTML5 version of Walter The Wandering Wave kids book for iPad and Android, I had published some learnings online. I was asked by Siemens to investigate the boundaries and viabilities of HTML5 native for Android to low latency and high availability consumer use. After conduction months of investigation with my tech team and with the Google Android team, we publishing some findings. I then was asked by Siemens to scope and develop a HTML5 native app that would access and manipulate their home and business intruder alert and security systems.
Click here for a walk through of the app in video form on an iPad.