• Client - Skynet Labs
  • Date Completed - March 2012
  • timdug.com - Application - Skynet DFS
  • timdug.com - Application - Skynet DFS
  • timdug.com - Application - Skynet DFS
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Skynet makes several products for Oil and Gas drilling engineers. The first was DFS Drilling Formula Sheets which I invented. The problem is that drilling engineers at the well site or in the office need to use a LOT of algorithms and mathematical formula in planning and day to day operations. All of these calculations were in one of 3 places before DFS came along. In books, On static spreadsheets or in scribbled on the back on an envelope. I took 95 of the most common used algorithms and put them into a smart device application and into a web program.
I led the team that designed the UX, UI and architecture of the prototype apps and the larger web architecture. Starting with a team of 3. Sean Bolger, Hannah Doyle and I. I built this team to 20 people between Dublin, Houston Texas and Ukraine.