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fyi, The picture here was taken on a favourite run of mine from Portabello out to the North Wall lighthouse in Dublin bay. This was a nice day for it, though the headwind can be very hard on the return when you get to the lighthouse, which is right behind me in this pic.
Im not a huge fan of dance music when I’m running, and more so lately I am going without the earphones on my hacks. But its nice now and then to tune in and chill out to something thats not dance music or crazy fast music. When you have an one, two, three or 4 hours running ahead, you need something that ramps you up and brings you back down again.

Check out the below mixes and other mixes by a friend of mine John Callaghan aka Cal-TV here.

Also, a good eclectic mix for sticking on at work with no ads is KOTDB- ‘King of the delta blues’ – A scottish DJ that puts together chilled out mixes and has a bit of a natter along the way.

This Episode 52 saved me pushing through a tough part of a 33k marathon training run. The last 10 minutes are a great track that asks you to breathe and calm down. Great mix to bring you through a run. Remember, you can’t stop running till the mix is over!!! LOL

A personal fav

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  • Arsmith

    commented on February 11, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    Of course, they’ve been up for alsmot 5 years and they decide to stop working today.I’ll keep an eye on them and let you know if they come back online. Sorry man.


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